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after school student care volunteer service


I have helped lead the session as the student who was supposed to lead the session was absent. Although, we were given that information just on the day, I believe that we were able to play many different puzzles with the Big Student Heart Care students. I didn't have to do much of the planning because most of the planning was done by the student who was planning to lead. During the activity, one of the hardships that I found was that the puzzle level wasn't up to their expectations. While some puzzles were too easy and finished it in few minutes, some were a bit challenging so that the kids took a long time. I think that one thing we can improve on is communication between the UWC students and the primary school children. Our puzzle game was mostly consisted of questions related to "Oh, what would come next?". I think that it would have been better if we made the puzzle, and we asked the students what it would be. Another thing I found out was that with the puzzles that took a long time, the students started to become bored and were only interested when the puzzle was about to be done. I think that this was well solved by having partners of UWC students so that one person could interact with the kids and the other person was matching the puzzles while the other student was taking with them. 


During term 2 in Big Heart Student Care service, I have led a session on how to make stickers. I started to prepare for them from the night before. The week before, I asked people in my group about the characters that they like. So I printed them out and separated them into 6 groups and put 2 of each character inside so that the kids would not fight with each other over the character they wanted to draw. I think that I was really well prepared because in the previous week, I made sure how many people will be there so the night before, I already made a structure about how the session will run and also brought some games in case some people might think that it was boring. However, there were still some hardships that I faced. There weren't enough materials of the things that I thought the students would have, like scissors. I only brought some of my scissors, so we had to adapt to the situation, and we cut the stickers out for them. However, everything went on really well so that all the children liked it. I think that one take away from this would not to assume everything. 


During term 3, I had led a session of making origami bookmarks. I always liked origami as a kid so that I thought it would be a nice and an easy activity to do as a lot of us were missing due to the field trip. One thing that went well would be that we easily adapted to the situation so that instead of us all teaching the same thing to the kids, we separated them into different stations. One hardship that I faced was that I didn’t really consider the level of origami skills the students would have. When I made plans, I have considered my origami skills in their age and thought that it would be easy enough. But, I also had some doubts about whether the kids could do it or not, so that I also made backup plans for the basic type of origami and also made some during my free time so that just in case the kids were unable to make anything they would still be able to bring something back home. 

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