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To showcase all three sides of CAS (creativity, activity and service)

G11 Project Week


To showcase all three sides of CAS (creativity, activity and service)

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G11 Project Week


To increase CAS skills (Creativity, Activity and Service)


To learn and give back to our local community, Singapore

To work collaboratively to have a safe and exciting adventure


  • Crocheting hats and giving back to local community for children. It was my absolute first time to learn how to crochet. Learning crochet was a great way for me to challenge myself. Although learning how to crochet was extremely hard, it was worth it when all of us were able to create hats on our own and give back to donation centers to help new born children

  • Helping elderlies in nursing homes to give back to our local community. We went to two different types of nursing home during the project week. As it was a local nursing home, it was a bit difficult to communicate with those who were natives in Hindi and Tamil, but thanks to my previous Chinese classes in school, I was at least able to talk with people who were natives in Chinese and English.

  • Learning pottery and cooking to increase our creativity skill. For pottery, it is a type of activity that is hard to approach from school. It was fascinating, but it was definitely one of the most hard activities of the week. I think I failed 3~4 times before making one bowl. I would have felt awful if the sand was not reused, but they assured us that the sand would be reused. For cooking, I actually really enjoy cooking, but the thing was that it was my very first time to learn about local dishes. We made chicken satay and mee goreng.

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